Meaghan's Message - August 2017

Hi there, BRAVE Friends! 

It's Jamiah bringing you Meaghan's Message for August! I'm so excited to post this message because I can't wait for the world to see a video where Meaghan's collar is up throughout the entire video (I didn't tell her while we were recording)!


(Side Note: I have a task for you. Next time you see her, ask her if she knows her collar was up in Meaghan's Message for August. Do it. I promise it'll be funny.)

I mean I guess I'm also excited to post because the message is pretty awesome and gets ya thinking (as Meaghan's Messages tend to do). In this video, she sheds light on something that many of us probably do which is wait for change. 

Click on the video below to see Meaghan lip-sync to Christina Aguilera and hear her thoughts on a beautiful song called "Change." :)   

After hearing this message, I'm no longer waiting to see a change in the world. Instead, I'm going to start making change today. Are you ready to take that step?

Stay Awesome,


Jamiah Bennett