Welcome Back!

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Hello BRAVE humans and happy Monday!!

If you are an old friend, welcome back! If you are a new friend, Hello and welcome to the official BRAVE blog. My name is Brooke and I am the new Blog Intern for BRAVE this semester. I am from Little Rock, Arkansas and I am a sophomore at UConn studying Poli Sci with a minor in Public Policy (for now). I am extremely excited to be taking over this blog for many reasons:

1.     I feel that as BRAVE humans, we have a lot of valuable things to say and this is a platform in which we all can share ideas, and be open with one another.

2.     I can share the amazing things we are doing in the community with all of you, and let you in on just how BRAVE works and how we affect others.

3.     I LOVE BRAVE! I love how BRAVE encourages everyone to be themselves and encourages everyone to be “self-empowered contributors to a better world” and with this blog, I can show you the many different people who make this world the way it is.

Okay, enough about me! Let’s have a recap of what kind of content you can expect from this blog!

1.     Student Speak Out: Once a month, a student’s submission will be featured on a specific topic chosen that month (i.e. art, essays, videos, etc.)

2.     Meaghan’s Message: A monthly video from BRAVE’s founder and CEO, Meaghan!

3.     Learn 4 Change: Reliable articles/videos talking about something going on in the world that provides information while at the same time calling people to action

4.     Rewind: A monthly review filled with pictures and videos from BRAVE spaces

5.     Humans of Brave: Every Friday, we’ll feature a human from and outside of the BRAVE community that we think are BRAVE and have BRAVE stories

6.     Editor’s Choice: A post chosen by me!

And something new this semester will be:

7.     School Features: Twice a month, we will feature one of our partner schools where we mentor and show you pictures and videos of what they did that month, just to show everyone what BRAVE looks like in its true form.

8.     YouTube videos: About once a month we will feature videos from our YouTube channel, so be on the lookout for those

So welcome to the new semester! I’m very excited to have you all here to go on this journey with BRAVE. Look for more posts later this week and share with other humans if you enjoyed it.

Don’t forget to challenge yourself and make this world a better and BRAVE place!