Meaghan's Message - July 2017

Hello BRAVE Humans! It is me, Meaghan! Thank you for visiting the BRAVE blog to check out this month's “Meaghan’s Message.”

Earlier this month, as many of you may know, the BRAVE team partnered up with some AWESOME humans from Canada and from the Dominican Republic to build a school in a community called Imbert, in Puerto Plata. Shout out to my fellow BRAVE travelers, and total rockstar humans: Jamiah Bennett, Mariel Amador, Heather Norris, Shelby Mehmet, Andrea McDermott, Rachel Eleiott and my mom, Marietta Davis! Our entire time in the Dominican Republic was one of those “totally epic, super emotionally charged, change your life forever, awe-inspiring, rock your world” type of experiences. It was an absolute honor and privilege to partner with Go, See, Do and the beautiful humans of Imbert as well as Las Hermanitas and all of the Dominican communities we had the opportunity to work and learn with during our visit. And even that description does not do it justice. I am not sure there are always words good enough to capture the highest potential of human emotions, human relationships, and human superpowers for positive change. However, that is not going to stop me from trying!!


This month's “Meaghan’s Message” is dedicated to the beautiful opportunity I had to learn about the power and beauty of humans around the world as well as the opportunity to learn about myself, all while on our BRAVE adventure in the Dominican Republic.

So, when it comes to humans of the world, I think I learned and relearned a lot about how much goodness there is the world and specifically within so many remarkable people. I relearned that, no matter who we are or where we come from, we have so much more in common than we have different. And there is so much positive power in focusing on what makes us similar and learning from one another about our differences. This trip really reinforced the power of human choice. The people I had the privilege to meet and build relationships with taught me that happiness is a process and not a destination. Happiness is something that we can choose for ourselves. I saw them choose happiness everyday. They were amazing and I will never forget them and the happiness they brought to my life and my work.


As for what I learned about myself, I think I am still processing a lot of it, but I know that I was challenged in many ways on this trip that were different and that were unique from any other challenge I have faced as a human or as a professional. I think that I learned that I could face those new challenges and through that discover new power, new strengths, new passions and new self belief. I feel self empowered in a brand new way, with great potential for the future. I learned that I am ready to employ all that I have to offer to be my best self and help change the world.

I am so fired up, so empowered, so proud, so humbled and so ready to continue the work we started this July in the Dominican Republic. As the BRAVE team transitions into a new year, we are preparing to continue our thoughtful engagement in the journey of BRAVE’s development of service learning! It brings out our best and bravest in such an organic and authentic way. Through service learning we can and will contribute even more peace and love to make our world better. We will never lose sight of what matters most; humans and their journey of discovering their self-empowerment and becoming their best selves. On behalf of the entire BRAVE team, we are so grateful to all those who contributed to and supported our tremendously successful service learning trip to the Dominican Republic. We are so proud of all that was accomplished and we look forward to all of the new and wonderful work ahead of us!


In the video below you will see three clips from our trip. The first clip is me on our first day, sharing what I hope to gain from the experience of the service learning trip that we are about to embark on. The second clip is me reflection on the trip our first day home, back in the United States. I was asked to share a MOG, or a moment of glory, from the trip. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it again!

Please check out our facebook page for more photos from our trip! Also, keep an eye out for many more posts sharing the voices of our BRAVE student leaders and their experience on this amazing trip!

Who is ready to change the world?!

Peace and love,


Jamiah Bennett