Meaghan's Message - Time Abroad!

If you're lucky enough to intern for BRAVE, it's likely that you know Meaghan likes (is obsessed with) Ed Sheeran's newest album. Skip ahead to the first time I watched the newest Meaghan's Message (totally not five minutes ago...), waiting to see which Ed Sheeran song she'd picked. My bet was on Galway Girl because she put that song on during conference prep (read: forced me to listen) for what seemed like 16 hours straight (and concurrently, it's the only one I know). I was wrong though, she chose the song Barcelona. I am not bitter at all. And that's totally not why I'm bringing up her luggage going missing (no worries she got it back!). 

This month, Meaghan talks about the importance of travel in her life. I know that everyone says they want to travel, but Meaghan actually makes it happen. A lot. It doesn't matter her current situation, she prioritizes traveling and so it comes to fruition. It's one of the things that makes Meaghan so cool. Sunglasses emoji. I hope y'all can make some time this summer to go somewhere, whether it be Barcelona, or a state away. 

So without further ado, here's the June edition of the super awesome, highly anticipated (by me, because I'd been living vicariously through the travel pics Meaghan uploaded to Google Photos. Thanks Meg that was not torture at all!!!)  Meaghan's Message!

Serena Manzi