Meaghan's Message - 30 Day Challenge

Hello beautiful brave humans!

Meaghan decided to make herself a 30 day challenge to create more balance in her life. This one is focused on 30 days of fun, because we don't often make time for fun. Sad face. Meaghan explains her reasoning behind this challenge pretty well in this video, so go watch it! Except the part where she says I can't count to 30. That is untrue. In fact, out of the 3 kinds of people in the world (those who can count and those who can't) I am the former. 

I've listed Meaghan's full list below the video, so check it out! Then go make your own 30 day challenge! Make sure to tag us @girlsarebrave and use the hashtag #BRAVE4Balance :) I'm making one! Here's a sneak peak:

#1 - Wipe the tire tracks off my face from Meaghan throwing me under the bus 

#2 - Buy some math flashcards

#4 - Cry


Totally kidding. I am salt-free. Like McDonald's.

That's it for today my friends!

Peace out,


Try a new food 

Attend free art/performance event 

Go for a walk 

Batting cages 

Don't check email for 24 hours 

Purchase something new 

Listen to new music 

Rediscover music you love 

Read for fun 

Road trip to another state

Penny flip driving 

Play basketball at the park

Sit out on the porch for sunset

Eat ice cream

Juggle a soccer ball 

Take 1 creative picture everyday 

Go to the beach

Get a library card 

Go to a book store and browse 

Laser tag 

Pet a dog 


Go see live music

Go to the movies 

Visit friends 


Stretch/ meditate 

Get a tattoo 

Go bowling 

Pay it forward 

Positive notes to the public


Serena Manzi