Meaghan's Message - March 2017

Hello brave humans!

How are y'all doing? I hope you're just dandy. If not, may I recommend a short video to brighten your mood? And if you are dandy, definitely watch this video. It'll upgrade your mood from dandy to super dandy. I have now said the word dandy so many times, it no longer seems like a word. Let's move on.

Have you ever found yourself sitting at home, sweatpants on, drinking diet coke (such a Meaghan thing to do) and thinking "I wonder what Meaghan's favorite book is?" Well have no fear, this video is all about the bravest human we know :) A few interns and I asked some hard hitting questions, and we managed to have a little fun in the process. Okay, so a lot of fun...

We hope you find this video super grool. You know, like cool but you meant to say great at the same time. It's totally fetch. 


Peace out my friends,



Serena Manzi