BRAVE Spotlight: Deanna Saracino & La Clé

Hello there BRAVE folks! Today I'd like to highlight a super awesome company started by a super awesome human! La Clé is a company that makes products with the mission of look good, feel good, do good. I really love their refocus bands, so I reached out to the founder, Deanna, to talk about bravery and leadership and all that good BRAVE stuff :) 

1. What is your favorite quote?  Why? 


I love quotes and anything that touches a nerve when you read it. I'd have to say I gravitate towards quotes about failure and action most. 


My favorite is by Will Rogers: 


"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there".


2. What is the story behind La Clé?


La Clé came out of a failure for me. A few years back, a start-up I was working on totally fell apart. I had surrounded myself with toxic people and wasn't in a good mindset. I had to remove everything that was toxic from my life and I was left with a choice. Give up and get depressed about it or refocus my time and energy into something good. That fun saying "Rock bottom is where I build my foundation" sums up pretty much what happened to me. I had always wanted to build a brand and develop a way to allow people to do more good and feel good. Building La Clé was a saving grace because it allowed my to gain back control of my life, helped me figure out what I want and reminded me what good old fashion hard work does. 


3. Define what bravery means to you. Can your provide an example from your work?


Bravery is all about your actions. It's about the risks you take and not being afraid to make decisions. Bravery is about making mistakes and making them fast. Learning how to adapt, learn and grow while you make decisions in motion. Even if it is the wrong decision. I always say...

a wrong decision is better than no decision. 


When I started La Clé I had no clue how to build my own business and what that actually meant. I learned as I went. I was constantly faced with 2 choices 1. give in to my fears and insecurities and or 2. keep pushing myself to figure it out as I went. 


4. Do you believe you’re a leader? Why or why not?


Heck ya! I love that I was blessed with a passionate, go getting, entrepreneurial spirit. It has served me well my whole life. A large part comes from all the years of playing soccer and being on teams and another part from my upbringing and always having to work hard for what I wanted. Nothing ever came super easy, but I found very early on, things came A LOT easier to me when I committed myself and worked hard for it. That is my solution to pretty much everything I want. Out work everyone else.  


5. What advice would you give young girls? How does La Clé embody this?


Learn what you love to do and invest yourself in that. Work hard. Out work others. Keep working until you find a way to get what you want. Road blocks? figure out how to get around it. When all your friends are sitting on the couch binge watching netflix or snap chatting for hours on end, don't do that. Instead, teach yourself new things. Take time and work on finding something you love. Invest in what you love and be the best you can be at it. If you work hard enough you can create whatever life you want for yourself.