Humans of BRAVE: Professor Gurr

Professor Gurr and BRAVE intern Heather Norris.

Professor Gurr and BRAVE intern Heather Norris.

Today's feature is Professor Barbara Gurr! Professor Gurr teaches in the WGSS department at UConn Storrs. Here's what she has to say about bravery!

"Bravery means doing the right thing even when it scares you. In current time, there is a lot of bravery that goes along with calling someone out, particularly a family member or friend, on a specific stance. Most recently I was brave during a women’s walk while in North Dakota. At the end of a bridge barricade, there were guards with guns literally pointed at us, leading to both the emotional bravery of knowing what you are standing for and why you are there; but also the physical bravery within the fear of the potential for anything to go wrong."

Professor Gurr, along with some students, taped a reading of Coretta Scott King's letter that we'd like to share with y'all. To watch the video, please click here (keep an eye out for some BRAVE interns!). 

I leave you my friends, with a challenge! Live brave, not just in the ways we are taught to view bravery, but in the ways that make you so uniquely brave. Smile at someone on the bus. Ask the person you sit next to every day how they're doing (instead of scrolling through Twitter for the 18th time. This is an @me, but I'm working on it!). Or perhaps not making fun of yourself when you watch a really cool video you're a part of (also @ me, but let's be real I have embraced the fact that I look 12 years old). Accept compliments. Compliment yourself. 

However you choose to be brave, make sure to take care of yourself, too. That's a super brave thing to do, and a lovely place to begin :)


That's all for today! Except not really because I have a quote. I can't help myself.

"Asking for help does not mean we are weak or incompetent. It usually indicates an advanced level of honesty and intelligence.” - Anne Wilson Shaef


Peace out brussel sprouts,


Serena Manzi