Many Thanks- Luncheon 2017

Hello Everyone,

Mar here, today I am accepting this month's Meaghan's Message challenge. The December video can be found here, and it is challenging everyone to spread more gratitude and positivity.

Without a doubt, this BRAVE semester ended on a wonderful note with the Learn Lead Lend Love Luncheon. I am so grateful that I was a part of this event. So, I am going to give some very big thank you's today.


A HUGE thank you to everyone who attended the Luncheon, donated, and helped us change the world. Your participation in this event meant so much more than you could imagine. I watched as everyone smiled, shared their stories, found ways to get involved, and learned what BRAVE is all about. It reminded me of this organization’s welcoming spirit. I hope you all felt genuinely welcomed and a part of the family.


Another VERY important thank you to Nicole Ware. She put so much time and energy into making this event possible. Perhaps putting more work into it than many others realize. Nicole was determined to make this event the best it could be and persevered through the many stressful things that come with planning big events like these. Throughout the whole semester she always wore a smile even when things went wrong, asked for help with grace, and lead the event with bravery.

Nicole gave everyone the opportunity to learn a new style of leadership and have a place to share BRAVE with new people. I hope in the semester to come I can put to use what she has taught me.


Finally, thank you to everyone who continues to support BRAVE's mission by simply being here and reading this blog! I challenge all of you to accept the challenge too. Spread some epic positivity and thanks!

Until next time,

Meaghan Davis