Meaghan's Message November 2017

Hey Y’all,

It’s Mar again, with a pretty unique Meaghan’s Message. Why? Because Meaghan had no idea I was recording!

On our recent trip to Provo, Utah for the DigtCit Summit, we hiked up the Y, a mountain which overlooks Brigham Young University. We were blown away by the view and how such a big city could suddenly feel so small and quiet.

We knew we had to film a Meaghan’s Message here but we were unsure what this month's message would be about. But, I had an idea! I, very cleverly, asked Meaghan how she felt in that exact moment on Y mountain, and hit record.

This was the result!

P.S. For those who are not familiar with the “behind the scenes” of BRAVE this may seem like a very deep or philosophical message. However, a big part of being in BRAVE is challenging ourselves. We discuss this in depth as interns and BRAVE members. Sometimes that means challenging ourselves to think differently; from a new perspective. Other times it’s being vulnerable enough to feel small and to see the bigger picture of life and our world. So, we hope this month's message from Meaghan, in one way or another, will both challenge and inspire you!

Are you up for the challenge? I am!

Meaghan Davis