Students Speak Out: Wear Your Brave Hat!

Raise your hand if… you have ever been too scared to do something you wanted to.

Is your hand raised? Both of mine are…

But what do you do in situations like these? How can you overcome your fears? Issie Swickle has the perfect advice for moments like these. Just put your brave hat on!

Issie is an 11 year old kid from Florida. She has been involved with musical theater for several years and has certainly learned a thing or two about battling stage fright. Some of the most common questions she receives is “Don’t you get scared up on stage?” and “How do you stay so confident?”

When friends, family, and fans ask her this she reminds them of a few important things:

Have fun
Keep going even if you make mistakes,
Pretend the crowd is in their underwear
Most importantly be brave because you can do it!

After providing a fan who suffered from stage fright with words of encouragement, Issie came up with the phrase “brave hat”. In any situations where you may feel overwhelmed or afraid all you have to do is put your brave hat on and you can do anything!

Issie used her talents to spread this awesome positive message by writing the song Bravehat! She now travels across the country spreading her message and song! Here is a clip from a recent performance:

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How do we put on our brave hats? Why is it important?

“They can put their brave hat on by stepping out of their comfort zone and being confident in anything they do!!! Even if they make a mistake or it doesn't work out the way they planned, it's ok!!! Just keep going and learn from it so the next opportunity will be great!!!
It's important to push yourself and reach your own potential and it's always good enough!!!”
-Isssie Swickle

Keep doing awesome things everyone! And don’t forget to wear your brave hats!

Mar :)

Meaghan Davis