Humans of BRAVE: Sadejah Blake

Hi BRAVE humans! 

This week's Humans of BRAVE feature showcases someone who has had to make some serious changes in her life. Changes that were very overwhelming for her, but she has become a better version of herself because of the lessons she's learned from them. Have you ever had to go through some tough experiences and learned lessons along the way? Lessons that were very hard, but still changed you for the better?

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What is the hardest lesson you've ever had to learn?

"The hardest lesson I’ve ever had to learn is I can’t always be the superhero in a lot of scenarios. I can’t always be the person that saves someone from themselves, I have a hard time grasping the fact that I can’t always help someone from grilling deeper holes. In terms of relationships or friendships, I am so passionate to the point where I start almost feeling someone’s pain for them which alters my personal behavior. That wasn’t healthy for my well being so I had to reflect and take a step back to realize that I can’t always be the hero and that is okay."


Brooke Perkins