Humans of BRAVE: Liza Bocchichio

Hello BRAVE Humans!

This week's Humans of BRAVE feature is Liza Bocchichio. Liza had to over come many challenges when she was younger, but she managed to over come them by being BRAVE. What challenges have you had to overcome by being BRAVE?

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Talk about a time when you was most brave.

In reflecting on this question, I came to the realization that my childhood required a great deal of bravery to get me to where I am today.  When I was four years old, I lost my dad in an accident at work.  After that, my sister and I had to step right in to care for ourselves.  I guess I don't really remember being afraid as a child because I needed to be a little soldier and be strong for myself and my family.  It was not until I became an adult with small children of my own that I can remember being in a situation that terrified me like nothing I had every experienced before. In reflecting on that experience, it was a journey where I had to be brave and face it head on... but this time I was scared, uncertain about the future, and unsure if I had what it takes to get through it. I needed help but up until this point, I never allowed myself to depend on anyone when it came to taking care of me.  So, the bravest thing I have ever had to do was trust my loved ones when they said I was going to make it through this challenge and that although it was mine to get through, they would be there to see me through it every step of the way.

Meaghan Davis