Humans of Brave: Lisa Campisi

“My bravest moments seem to happen when I’m under the most pressure. Usually when something starts getting difficult, like gymnastics or soccer (because you know I gotta run), I end up quitting. But school is something that I won’t quit. My program requires me to advance daily with the curriculum, so even when I feel like giving up, I put my Brave Pants on and choose to keep going. I find being brave easier when it’s a quick decision. Bravery, to me,  is a choice.

I feel like when other people feel vulnerable, it’s my job to take the weight off their shoulders so they don’t have to think about anything during that time. In stressful situations, it’s difficult to react well, so I go into survival mode. I find it difficult to make simple decisions every day, and yet when something bigger happens, I find myself able to think clearly and help however I can.

To the people who feel vulnerable, trust your instincts. If you are truly passionate about something, no matter how big the obstacle may seem, remember that bravery is a choice. You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish.”

Serena Manzi