Humans of Brave: Brittany Kenyon

Brittany is a former BRAVE Intern and the current VP of the UConn BRAVE chapter.

Brittany is a former BRAVE Intern and the current VP of the UConn BRAVE chapter.

“I would say traveling alone to Europe this summer. Basically, I just went to take a class in Dublin. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into at the time, but I knew I wanted to travel. It’s a life goal of mine. Staying in hostels and catching flights on my own, meeting new people with completely different backgrounds put you out of your comfort zone. It’s a good challenge.


Also, yesterday at clinical, I was following an IV therapy nurse and we got called down to look to the ER for a trauma. Originally, we thought it would be a fender bender, nothing too serious, but we had to perform CPR, push EPI, and call time of death. She came into the ER 35 minutes ago, and she died. Watching that, you never think it will happen in front of you, and that that kind of stuff just happens on TV. All of the doctors and nurses said ‘we did all we can do.’ I’m just standing there in the corner thinking was there more we could do? It also made me think about the perspective of family members who are watching this happen and say 'why didn’t they do more?'


Last night gave me a new perspective of health care field. We forget the mental health of doctors and professionals. They make themselves vulnerable to help other people everyday. They don’t know what’s coming in, or how extensive the damage is… but they still do everything they can to save them. And that’s brave to watch, but it made me think about how we can be brave in the hospital just watching these things happen every single day at work. It also makes you think what if this was me? What if this was someone I love? When you think about it, our lives are so fragile. Sometimes, it’s up to the bravery in others to help us when we are most vulnerable."

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