Meaghan's BRAVE Story

Dear BRAVE Humans,

First, and foremost, hi, everyone! Welcome to Living BRAVE! My name is Meaghan Davis, I am the founder and CEO of BRAVE (more to come on that). I would like to note that this digital space welcomes all humans; all races, ethnicities, religions, countries of origin, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, disabilities, spoken languages and ages are welcome. We stand with you. This is a BRAVE space; and the BRAVE mission is to inspire and challenge ALL humans to be BRAVE and self-empowered contributors to a better world.

Starting today, I will be working to create a brand new and uniquely beautiful BRAVE space. This blog. This is the first post of that brand new space and I am so happy that you have joined me. I truly believe that at our best and bravest, we can and will give and receive even more peace and love in order to make our world better. We have to start somewhere, so, why not start right from where we are. I hope y’all are ALL IN. I know I am.

Together, I hope to achieve three main goals with this new project; (1) to provide each of us with a space to teach and learn about becoming the best versions of ourselves and Living BRAVE, (2) to develop a BRAVE network for continued support, growth and success, and, finally, (3) to increase awareness and inspire action around topics of human rights, social justice and intersectional feminism.

So, let me break down the structure and vibe I have in mind for the Living BRAVE blog, and ultimately, for bringing this BRAVE mission to life right from where we are.

  • I will be posting twice a week, once on Tuesday’s and once on Friday’s

  • Each month, there will be a designated theme

    • This month, the theme is Living BRAVE

  • All Friday posts will be directly linked to the theme of the month

  • You will learn more about Tuesday posts next Tuesday

  • Comments are encouraged because conversation is very important

  • Please subscribe!

Before, we continue on, I want to contribute to the establishment of this space by sharing a bit about my BRAVE story.   


Thank you for listening to my BRAVE story. It is an honor and a privilege to be part of something so much bigger than myself. The BRAVE mission has become my ultimate purpose and inspiration and this journey has been one of the most rewarding and important of my life.

Thank you to all of the incredible humans within the BRAVE family who took part in building BRAVE and bringing our mission to life! I am so proud and so grateful to be a part of the BRAVE family, everyday. Please check out the amazing stories of girls around the world at Girl Rising, who provided, and continues to provide, so much inspiration for us at BRAVE!

I believe, wholeheartedly,  in the positive power of humans and I am determined to support people in their journey of discovering their best self and realizing their own full potential. Everyday, I continue to be inspired by the words, actions and stories of courageous people, like you, from around the world.

My BRAVE story, and the decision to start BRAVE as an organization, was one of the most important steps I’ve taken towards Living BRAVE. What might yours be?!

But, for as many steps as I have taken - even big ones like this organization - I have so many more ahead of me. And, I can’t wait to take them.

Stay awesome, friends!

Peace and love,