She sees herself as a leader and is learning how to be a leader and an activist.
— Shannon Jacovino, BRAVE Parent
BRAVE is a place where a girl can be whoever she wants to be and you feel like there is no limits on being yourself.
— Amalia, Elementary Student
Being a part of an organization like BRAVE has transformed who I am. Not only has it given me skills to become a leader, it has helped me question and understand what a true leader really is and how it can be shown in so many different ways. I could name a list of all the professional development I have gained, but that would not even encompass what this organization has truly given to me. Without BRAVE I would not be as confident and willing to share my thoughts and ideas and would underestimate my own value. BRAVE is not only an organization but also a support system, a safe space, and a family that has helped guide me to my values, passions, and focusing on what is important.
— Emma Whitmore, Former Intern
To be brave is not just not to be afraid, it’s to be confident, to believe in yourself, and to stand up for your friends and others when they need it.
— Arianna, Middle School Student
I’m definitely more confident as a leader and as a person. I try my hardest to go out into the world being my best self and standing up for doing what I think is right, even when I am faced with opposition.
— Kaylin, High School Student
The most important thing I learned while taking the BRAVE workshop is to take ownership and be empowered by my choices. I feel as though each choice and path I take is something I have control over, and each choice I can use to achieve my goals and help others. Doing this has helped me become more comfortable in my own skin and with my own progress.
— Professional
Something that really stuck with me about the BRAVE workshop was the conversation about choices. Since then, I have actively been thinking about each choice I make and making sure it is for me instead of for others. This workshop also helped me realize all the BRAVE things we already do every day - in this work and our personal lives - and I am giving myself credit for it!
— Professional
I have learned the value of honesty, and how difficult but rewarding it can be to be vulnerable. The friends and memories I have made have helped me through some of the hardest, most confusing, self-discovering parts of my life. BRAVE was my support and my motivation and quite literally my home and my family.
— Mar Amador
Meaghan’s BRAVE training was not only informative and knowledge-filled, it was inspiring and kept the entire group’s attention the whole time! She filled the workshop with activities that we could not only use in our own clinical work, but also for us to learn things about ourselves and each other in order to work as a collaborative team. I left the training feeling more creative and excited about the work I do. She is so passionate about her work and that is so evident through the workshop she provided. We want her to come back every year!
— Professional
Being a part of BRAVE has made me see the world through a very different lens. That lens has shown me both the awful and wonderful things in our world. But the beauty of a lens is it gives you focus, I now have a new focus that allows me to spend time with incredible young people and see the possibilities in their lives and it makes me want to work together with them for positive change.
— Deborah Sullivan, School Guidance Counselor
BRAVE has given me the space to share my passions with humans I have met and grown to care for over the last year. In return, I have had the opportunity to absorb new perspectives and ideas that have changed how I engage with the world. I learned how to be a better me.
— Sarah Dottor, AmeriCorps VISTA Member
BRAVE has taught me to reach out my comfort zone, to grow and be aware of what I’m capable of in order to be the leader I am today. This semester, I’ve learned to be an advocate and use my voice for good. Being a member of BRAVE is an experience that has truly changed my life.
— Barbara Shehata, UConn BRAVE Student