Take Action

What does it mean to take action? Taking action is a demonstration of true BRAVEry. Taking action is what we call walking the walk, not just talking the talk. At BRAVE, we challenge and inspire humans to use their agency and self-empowerment to be leaders; using their and their actions to stimulate peace, love, critical reflection, disruption and, ultimately, sustainable and positive change. fierce and peaceful disruption. Taking action is the beautiful intersection of being a dreamer and a doer all at once.


International Service and Support

In April 2018, BRAVE will engage in our second effort to partner with local communities and leaders in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The BRAVE Team will be working diligently through the next few months to collect donations to send to our friends in the Dominican. Donations collected will be in the form of school supplies, medical supplies and recreation supplies. Together, we will be working to achieve sustainable, positive change. The main goal is to learn more about ourselves, our partners, the Dominican culture, and issues of global development. Donate today and support the creation of sustainable space for students to learn, lead, lend and love.  

Live BRAVE Conference


The Conference is a powerful and important opportunity to bring our organization's mission to life through the shared experience of teaching and learning about social justice. During this conference, all of our work will focus on working together to achieve self-empowerment through leadership development, education, and networking. The day will include a keynote address, two Q&A panel discussions and multiple breakout sessions, lead by student leaders as well as experienced professionals. This conference is a platform for student voices, student leaders and student issues. The topics of discussion will all be anchored in leadership for social justice.


Meaghan's BRAVE Blog 

In 2018, Meaghan is creating a brand new BRAVE space for all of us to share. She will be starting her very own BRAVE blog! With this new digital platform, she hopes to (1) provide each of you with a space to teach and learn about living BRAVE, to (2) develop a BRAVE network for continued support and success, and, finally, to (3) increase awareness and inspire action around topics of human rights, social justice and feminism. Check out Meaghan’s new blog today because together, at our best and bravest, we can and will give and receive even more peace and love in order to make our world better. And, don’t forget, please subscribe!

Workshops & Consulting

One consistent way BRAVE brings our mission to life is through workshop and training programming. These sessions are developed and implemented by the BRAVE team. Currently, BRAVE partners with 15 schools and communities to implement BRAVE programs; including elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities, organizations and community centers. Each session engages participants in the BRAVE mission; challenging and inspiring them to be BRAVE and self-empowered contributors to a better world. All sessions are unique, interactive, energized and very participant centered. Bring BRAVE to your community today!